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> Book for/with Jonathan Hielkema
> 56 pages
> Edition of 50
> In Collaboration with Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Jonathan Hielkema
> 2017

Drenthe aan Zee is a documentary by photographer Jonathan Hielkema for which I developed the accompanying publication together with Carmen Dusmet Carrasco.

Drenthe is one of the only parts in the Netherlands above sea level. In the light of global warming, Hielkema visits the rural area of Drenthe and asks the locals about the imminent changes to the area; will land-locked Drenthe soon have a beach?

The five main questions of the documentary are rhythmically translated into a publication consisting of original copy and Hielkema’s process photography. The book is printed on waterproof Stone Paper and was released in an edition of 50 together with the documentary in January of this year.

See the whole documentary at http://drentheaanzee.nl


Video: Jonathan Hielkema
Music: Righeira, Vamos a la Playa

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